Author Topic: Dec 20th Snow Run  (Read 984 times)


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Dec 20th Snow Run
« on: January 05, 2016, 09:31:10 AM »
 Well we started up 330 and when we hit Running Springs they had a chain check station which made a big delay so we went around it.So we got back on the main road and hit another one on the other side of Arrow Bear so we went around that one too.We took 3n16 across country and ened up in Fawnskin.We headed to the Discovery Center for a pit stop before heading for our trail. We made it to find abuot 3-4 in of snow on it with no tire tracks.We headed down and check for any future problems.We ended up on Hwy 18 but we did not air back up until we got to the flate ground.We did see one person may have gone a little fast and hit the side of the mnt.So we were almost done airing up when a CHP officer stop by to make sure we were alright.So we headed down and deceided to eat lunch at the 247 cafe.Food was good and headed home.Was a very good day no problems and the weather was great. Hope to see you on the trail soon.